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Miner Inconvenience

A "tool chaining" platformer made for speedrunners and explorers alike! · By Rabid Troll Studios LLC, MinerInconvenience


Recent updates

MacOS Early Release Version and Demo!
Finally! We've posted both a MacOS Early Release version and a MacOS Demo version of Miner Inconvenience! Check them out if you're a MacOS user - we're happy...
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Mac Version Released!
Good news, Everyone! We've released a Mac build for Miner Inconvenience! If you've already bought the game and want to play it on Mac, just download the Mac z...
Mac Version in Development!
We know that some of you are excited to play this game on Mac and we're working on it! We only have access to one Mac machine, so we've been struggling to get...
Early Access Release!
We're thrilled to announce Early Access Release of Minor Inconvenience an aerial platformer that will have you swinging through dangerous mines in search of rar...
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