Early Access Release!

We're thrilled to announce Early Access Release of Minor Inconvenience an aerial platformer that will have you swinging through dangerous mines in search of rare minerals to power your evil machines!  Take a peek at our demo and explore vast underground caverns where you'll navigate puzzle-like challenges with powerful tools, using them in combination to jump, fly, swing, burrow and float through narrow passages, around dangerous spikes, and over deadly lava!  Can you beat your own best time, collect all the minerals, and power your maniacal devices?

If you like the demo, you'll love the Early Access content!  Thirty-five thrilling levels to test your bravery and challenge your reaction-time!  Blast through the air with your cannon, dash through pathways with your pickax, swing around corners with the grapple, and tunnel through dirt with the drill.  Chaining these tools gives you more air, speed, and momentum to launch yourself over and around the next challenge!  Buying our title in Early Access give you access to all future releases, patches, and even a free Steam key!

What's coming next?  In our full release, you'll find Bear Mode - an unlock-able set of levels that add extra challenge by introducing bears that chase you, removing checkpoints and diamonds, and ramping up the difficulty - can you perfect your time while fleeing from voracious bears?!  We'll also be adding controller support and achievements.  Keep an eye out for our full release on Itch.io and Steam platforms!


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May 14, 2020

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